FullHDx4: Total Divas Episode 4 Watch Online Free return of Hannah was always going to be awkward, but right from the start the writers of Dress Code seemed determined to make it as jarring as possible. Jennifer Carpenter is a great, great actress but the delivery of her line, 'I was Hannah, wasn't it?' came straight from some seventies pit of TV desolation. I know Debs can be dopey at times, but not realising she'd been drugged seemed excessively silly even for her, but by the time this story had run its course, we'd have to accept all sorts of other craziness.


FullHDx4: Total Divas Episode 4 Watch Online Free 're asked to swallow that Hannah escaped from prison and then looked up super-rich obsessive Miles Foster, played by Brit-bad-guy-for-hire Julian Sands. I'm not a huge fan of Miles, but that never really became a major concern because he was an entirely disposable character. This whole episode was almost completely made up of pointless information and generally irrelevant events.

FullHDx4: Total Divas Episode 4 Watch Online Free complexities of Hannah's new relationship and her love of Dexter are juxtaposed. But as Miles is dead before the end, so much of this detail was superfluous. All the work that went into making the Cassie character as interesting as she was, also got flushed away rather rapidly, highlighting the very obvious issue with Zach that I mentioned last week. He's a killer, plain and simple.

This all server to marginalise Vogel, whose only real purpose, was to show obvious glee that Debra and Dexter have issues again, over Hannah. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that Harry might not have killed himself, and that Vogel made him go away because he was endangering her experiment with Dexter. Vogel was missed this week, and I can only hope she's back with a vengeance in the next story.


As for Hannah, I'm having a hard time understanding her or the relationship with Dexter, possibly because I'm not a sociopath. It's the way she moved from how Miles helped her when she was down and has 'other talents', before declaring that she wants Dexter to kill Miles for her. Something, it transpires, she's totally capable of doing herself. Like the long-forgotten Lumen, Hannah's another loose end in the Dexter diatribe that needs closing off in a permanent way. The only question that remains is will her exit be one of her own making, Dexter's, Debra's or Zach's?